Should You Start Building An Email List?

With the rise of social media, should you consider building a list?

The short answer is YES.

The long answer is yes, because email lists have a significant impact on your website traffic and revenue, and it should be the first thing to focus on with starting a business (even before stepping into social media).

The reality of it is that email marketing should be thought of as a business, your longterm approach for consistently reaching your audience, not just as any other marketing tactic effort. This strategy has been proven to be effective and successful for many years now.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing on average sees a 4300 percent return on investment (ROI) for businesses in the United States, and (if done right) email lists get 10 times higher conversions than social media ad campaigns.

If that doesn’t say “BUILD A LIST”, then here are five other reasons why you should use email as means for communicating with your readers:

1. Email is Low cost- In comparison to mainstream marketing, emailing is the most cost effective method to consider. If you think about all the money you’re saving when you don’t have to print, send postage, pay expensive fees for brand exposure through billboards, magazines, and television channels.

2.  Email is Personal- It allows you to communicate very direct, personal, and casual. There us no ranking system limiting your reach, your readers immediately gets your message in their inbox.

3. Email is Targeted – Readers already had shown interest in your products / content when they decided to double opt-in. Since you already know what type of information they are looking for, you can deliver them highly relevant content and offers to get better results.

4. You Own Your Email List – This means it can’t be influenced by decisions of other businesses policies. Social media constantly changes their algorithms and your SEO efforts can get discarded.

5. Email is One-on-One – People read email in the privacy of their inbox. The message is not on a public timeline or newsfeed.

Think about it, the average person  in 2017 receives an average of 92 emails per day, thats not a lot when you compare it the thousands of posts that are going through your newsfeed every day. The chances of someone coming across your content through an email is a lot greater than reaching your audience on social media.

By seeing your content pop up more frequently in people’s inbox, you start to build a relationship, where people can feel comfortable to ask questions. This helps build trust and connection.

My Final Thoughts

Given my experience using both email and social media as marketing tools, I can see and understand why email marketing is the best long term investment with a much higher return. This can be the primary option to focus on and nurture because people will continue to get their message at a very low cost for a longer period of time.

While social media maybe here to stay, platforms do come and go…

Let’s use Myspace for example, back in 2007 I remember everyone was using it. Now,  if MySpace isn’t dead it’s completely irrelevant because people moved on to the next best social platform, which was Facebook.

Facebook and Twitter are still major social platforms and every business should be leveraging their tools and analytics. However, they just don’t seem to have as much social hype as they use to a few years back. More and more people are using other platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc, as means of connecting.

I am not saying that social media is not important because it is very important, but you should explore every opportunity to reach out to your audiences.